The true stories of a rapper whose lungs collapse

"That High" by Dann Furia / Skip-Dawg

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Written and performed by Dann Furia / Skip-Dawg

Verse 1:
I remember those nights when time stood still
wonder if the cures were worse than the ills
Wonder if the disease is worse than the pills
questionin whichíd be the one first to kill.
My problems took away my breath
but their solutions bled me half to death
then all the meds and the pills that Iíd get
Caused a reaction clenched up my neck
Back to square one I ainít gotta a breath to spare,
Iím scared that Iím done and itís sad but I swear
You canít even tell if them doctors really care
So I count on you cause youíll always be there with that high

Everythingíll be allright...That high
come stay with me tonight...That high
As long as its me and you then I can do what it takes to make it through... that high
come on baby donít ya cry...Cause I
And Iíll make it through the night...And i
As long as its me and you then I can do what it takes to make it through

Verse 2:
You know you look bad when every single time
Someone walks in your room they start to cry
Iím not proud, but I ainít gonna lie
Sometimes my circumstance made wish to die
You canít talk, cause then you breathe more
The more that you breathe the more you bleed more
The more that you bleed the more you need more
units transfused they keep feedin more
so you contain all that you thinkin bout
contemplatin how you fell in such a wicked route
never thought that you could be as sick as now
what you clutch in your hand pull the trigger now
Feels good at first but then
Yastart to see things you never wanna see again
In a position you aint never wanna be again
Dilaudid itís just you and me again

Verse 3:
when it went down, I was all alone
Took me 10 minutes just to climb to the phone
Like they said 911ís a joke
I swear my call went straight to hold
Minutes went by and I searched my soul
Lost my grip of my phone and hope
People always ask how it feels they wanna know
Felt like I was bein both stabbed and choked
About an hour later when they came to my door
I was still dyin there lyin on the floor.
No one knew I was in the back room
And my roomates told em that I hadnít even moved in
paramedics up and left in confusionÖ
I was screamin out but it was uselessÖ
Cause I couldnít make a sound I could barely breathe.
Can you imagine how I felt when I heard em leave?!

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